Tuition is paid on a monthly basis and payments are due on or before the first lesson of each month based on the number of studio operational weeks within the studio calendar. The studio is in operation all year long with designated and announced  studio breaks . Lessons are scheduled in half hour/forty five minute or hourly session increments.All lessons are private and on a one- on- one basis of instruction.

Students are responsible for all lessons for the calendar month.
Student may reschedule lessons with 24 hour notice due to illness or death or family emergency.

Private Professional Music Instruction
1.Graded standard piano method and technical studies from primer,intermediate and advanced levels
2.Piano concert repertoire in classical,jazz,religious/gospel,rhythm and blues,Latin,Broadway,movie and contemporary music genres
3.Music theory from beginner to advanced levels which includes transposition,chords,scales and arpeggios
4.Jazz improvisation and contemporary keyboard studies from beginner to advanced levels
5.Early childhood instruction (from four years of age) and instruction to children with special disabilities

Mark Deffenbaugh started playing guitar as a teenager. He played local gigs in the Washington D.C. area until he joined The Air Force as a drummer and percussionist.About twenty years ago Mark had the opportunity to begin teaching acoustic and electric guitar at the music school that he was currently teaching.This brought Mark to the beginning of a journey to take all of the harmony and music theory that he had learned  at Berklee College Of Music and as a professional keyboardist, composer and arranger and apply it to the guitar. Mark has successfully taught many guitar students since then and has many of his former guitar students serving  in music colleges and as professional musician nation wide.

Studio Policies and Procedures

30 Min $35.00

45 in $55.00

60 Min $70.00

Professional Guitar Instruction

Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons in Alexandria, VA

For the fines Guitar instruction in Alexandria Virginia visit Deffenbaugh House Of Music

Whether you area beginner looking to explore the guitar for the first time , a returning student or an advanced player, my proven methods will have you playing to your full potential in no time.